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Today Tomorrow and Forever - In Loving Memory Of Elvis Presley

Elvis In Scotland

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The King in the UK!!!!!!!



Meeting his Glasgow fans in the N.C.O.'s mess

On March 3rd 1960, Elvis Presley flew into Prestwick Airport in Scotland. Elvis had just finished his American Army National service and stopped over in Ayrshire for two wonderful and amazing hours. In those days, Prestwick was home for the 1631 USFA Unit.

Despite a massive security leaked out that a mystery V.I.P was flying in - and when Sgt. Presley stepped off the plane and onto UK soil, local fans screamed and rushed to meet their idol. Without his Memphis Mafia and Col. Tom Parker around, Elvis felt relaxed enough to mix with local fans.

There to greet him officially, were Base Commander Col. Russell Fisher, Chief Executive Officer Major Ed Miller and Admin Officer Major Ben Bacchus. Liet-Col. Ed Miller, now retired, said at his Ayrshire home ' I remember it well. I got the job as Sgt. Presley's escort because I used to be a professional musician before I joined the Army. Elvis was anextremely pleasant young man who took the time to talk to everyone who came up to him.

Photographer Ian Shee took all the photo's on this page. He said ' Meeting such a legend is every photographers dream'. Ian's brother, Robert, has a very special souvenir of meeting The King. He was given an Elvis' autograph and personal home address! This was written on a fish and chip wrapping! He still has this very wonderful packet, greased up and all!!

Elvis did say about the UK ' It's sure is a nice place, I hope to come back sometime '


Elvis during the press conference


Elvis telephones Priscilla in Frankfurt, Germany


Meeting more local fans

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