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Today Tomorrow and Forever - In Loving Memory Of Elvis Presley

The Best Elvis Tribute Artist EVER!

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Elvis was one of a kind! He was the King! The man who was a world-wide superstar and had the world at his feet! Millions of fans! Then when he left us in 1977, the world were left in deep grief. Then some man loved him so much, they began to give fans the night out they longed for! Pure Rock 'n' Roll! Pure Elvis! Pure enterainment! These men are called Elvis Impersonators!


On August 16th 2007 Elvis fans around the world all paid their respects to their idol, Elvis. Many people traveled to Graceland but sadly I was at home in Cardiff, South Wales. A few weeks before August 16th, my local newspaper had posted an Elvis poster and a little article about Elvis on Tour and Paul Black’s Graceland band too; I just knew I had to be there! So on August 16th, me and my Father went down to the Wales Millennium Centre and got two tickets, we were also joined by my Dad’s friend Lisa and her Mother Lyn. Lyn IS a HUGE Elvis fan and yes, Lisa is named after Lisa Marie! As we went into the center we could hear the Graceland band warming up and I turned around and saw Elvis! Well I mean Juan Lozano walking towards me wearing black clothes and a HUGE Elvis belt, I fell in love with him the moment I saw him! He looked amazing! We watched as the band and Juan went through a small sound check and he went off to get dressed for the first part of the show.


Then he came back dressed up in the white Vegas suit, from that’s The Way It Is. He looked great! The suit was just like Elvis’ and then he began to get into Elvis mood. The first set list was

2001 Theme
That’s Alright
Hound Dog
Patch It Up
One Night
All Shook up
Viva Las Vegas
Polk Salad Annie
You Don’t Say You Love Me
Heartbreak Hotel
Just Can’t Help Believing
The Wonder Of You

Juan was amazing! He owned that stage and all his actions were just like Elvis’, you can tell he had studied Elvis a lot. He was sexy and everyone couldn’t take their eyes off him, I mean each time he gives away scarfs, woman would go crazy! I longed to get a scarf off him. He really put on a good show, making everyone dance, sing and have a good time. By half seven, it was time for the film but I made my way over to Juan and got a kiss off him! My god, he was sweaty but I had to thank him.


Then it was time for the film. I was so excited but I had seen the film on video many times, but this was the first time on the big screen. Before the film, they had all the Elvis look-alikes on stage and there were two 10 year old boys, who looked so cute!


When the film started, I cried my eyes out! Seeing Elvis up there, looking great and I couldn’t control my emotions. I will admit American Trilogy had me and a lot of other people crying, knowing what day it was and that line ' you know you're Daddy's going to die' it never fails to make me cry. Now the film itself was the original version from 1972 and the sound and picture weren’t that good at times, but the film itself was amazing. It was very nice to watch the original version and see it as it first came out. Yet it was worth 10!

Then came the second part of the show. Juan was now dressed as Aloha Elvis and once again, the suit looked great! The set list was:

2001 Theme
See See Rider
Burning Love
Never Been To Spain
Steamroller Blues
Jailhouse Rock
Blue Suede Shoes
Can’t Stop Loving You
Big Hunk Of Love
American Trilogy
Suspicious Minds
Can’t Help Falling In Love


This time I sang, danced and cried. Everything was moving and wonderful. I think being around other fans and listening to great music made the night special. Juan is an amazing Elvis tribute act and always seemed like he was enjoying himself. I’d pay to see him live again anytime. I hope he is at the Elvis weekend in Porthcawl festival 2007.

I even had my photo taken with him! My god, he was sexy! I asked him ' Please can I have my photo taken with you?' He smiled and said (in an Elvis voice) ' Sure, Honey, come up on the stage with me!' I could have died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me the night meant everyone remembering Elvis and having a good time. No one can take our love for Elvis away and as long as we keep it alive, Elvis will always be alive!

The king is dead….long live the King x

If you get a chance to see Juan...go and see him! You'll love it!

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