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Today Tomorrow and Forever - In Loving Memory Of Elvis Presley

Elvis In Popular Culture

This is an Intimate Bioscopic Experience
Elvis - The Man, The Myth And The Facts!
A Presley Picture Is The Only Sure Thing In Hollywood
He Was The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived!
Elvis Lives On Stage!
Elvis - I'll Remember You!
The Albums Made By EP
Number One Singles Artist
The Greatest Recording Artist Ever
The King's Music
The King's Castle
The Day The Music Really Did Die!
The King's Queen
Daddy's Little Girl!
When The King Met The Fab Four
Musicians/Singers With The King
GI Blues
The Only UK Visit
Only From The Waist Up
The Good Old Boys!
Elvis: Wanted Dead Or Alive
Elvis' Beloved Parents
The Brain Behind The King!
The Girls Who Shared His Life!
The Home Of Rock 'n' Roll
If You're Lookin For Trouble
Viva Las Vegas
Dreams Come True In Blue Hawaii
Elvis In Concert 1977
Elvis' Shadow
Almost Better Then The Real King!
EP's Loyal Fans
EP - Forever An Icon
Keeping Elvis Alive


Elvis Is Still In The Building!


Elvis may be dead ( or maybe not ) but he is still very much alive in our popular culture and modern mythology. His name is a one-word code that the whole world can decipher.

' No matter what you do, you can not, not, not, mess up for Elvis, or change anything', cause you'll change history. Big Time' Al to Sam ( as Elvis ) in Quantum Leap.

In just 4 months after Elvis's death, over 200 records about him were released world-wide, in 1978, there were 100 more.

Elvis The Musical opened at the Astoria Theatre in London in 1978. It starred two unknowns called Shakin' Stevens and Tracey Ullman.

Quentin Tarantino has a huge Elvis thing about on. In Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman's character observes that you're either an Elvis person or a Beatle person, and some Tarantino fans are conviced that Marsellu's suitcase contains Elvis's gold suit. Meanwhile, Buck, the nurse in Kill Bill, sports a stylish pair of Elvis sunglasses.

In the film Mighty Joe Young, the eponymous gorilla is secretly transported to an American wildlife park. A park worker signals his safe arrival by announcing into her walkie-talkie, ' Elvis is in the building'.

A commemorative Elvis plate hangs on the living room wall of the conner's house in the US sitcome Roseanne.

A British TV ad for KitKat chocolate had a jumpsuited Elvis hiding out in a fish and chip shop. The tag line? ' Take a break,' of cause!

In Gary Panter's comic boook Invasion Of The Elvis Zombies, Elvis is eating by his female fans and is brought back to life as a hybrid of himself, King Kong and Godzilla.

Nicolas Cage is an Elvis obessive who won himself the ultimate piece of memorabilia whem he married Lisa Marie. He has appeared in 2 Elvis related films - Honeymoon In Vegas with it's 34 flying Elvises, Utah Chapter', and David Lynch road movie Wild At Heart, where Cage beats someone up and then softly sings Love Me Tender.

In 1998 the US Sun reported that a figure of Elvis had been found on Mars, and a radio receiver was pickin up sounds of ' All Shook Up'. Ufologist Nikola Stanislaw concluded that aliens built it coz they believed Elvis was God.

In The Cosby Show, Grandfather Huxtable ponders, ' Crazy world - Hasn't been the same since Elvis and Priscilla broke up. Right on!

The Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo is a bequiffed Elvis soundalike who does Karate and lives with his beloved mum.

In The X Files, Fox Mulder refers to close-minded agent as ' the type of person who thinks Elvis is dead'. In one episode, Never Again, Mulder uses vacation time for what he tells Scully is a ' spiritual journey - He never tells her he's headed for Glacelands! When he finds out she's got a date, he seems upset and hurt - So he starts to bring out some classic Elvis Karate moves!

In Independence Day, as the aliens draw near, a woman moans, ' Oh God, I hope they bring back Elvis!'.

Carla, the feisty barmaid in Cheers, hopes that new management will enable her to have a real holiday - six weeks at Glaceland instead of just one!

Sonny Crockett's pet alligator on Miami Vice was called Elvis.

In 2003, the Steve Wright Show on Radio 2 introduced Ask Elvis, where a soundalike discussed everyday dilemmas such as how to train a cat to use a cap flap, and getting the beat from a Yorkshire pudding.

In The Frighteners, an Elvis stature floats through a house posessed by poltergeists. The homeowner cries ' He's alive!'

When Jim Carrey transforms from zero to hero in the Mask, he spins through a selection of famous people, including Elvis mumbling ' Thank you very much'

In the Buffy film, when Merrick tries to recruit Buffy into the next vampire slayer, she looks at him and asks ' Does Elvis talk to you? Does he tell you to do things?'

In Forrest Gump, Elvis comes to stay at the Gumps' boarding house and the eponymous hero teaches him his leg-shake.

A character in Con Air says, ' If that aircraft's carrying 30 prisoners, then I'm Elvis Presley.' When the plane lands on the Vegas strip, Nicolas Cage ( him again!) says ' Well, Viva Las Vegas'

In Men In Black, when Tommy Lee Jones puts Elvis on the car stereo, Will Smith says ' You do know Elvis is dead, right?' Joness replies ' No, Elvis is not dead - He just went home!'

Where would the spectacular musical Joseph And The Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat have been without it's beqiffed, ' Uh-huh'ing Pharaoh?

Demi Moore has a picture of Elvis on her wall in Striptease

The Simpsons is full of Elvis references: When Homer becomes a music manager, he gets a suit made from material ' specially designed for Elvis - sweat actually cleans it. A photo of Elvis taken with Mr Burns, looks very much like the one when the King met Nixon. Also Bart opening line on the blackboard was I did not see Elvis'.

In Hubba Ho-Tep ( 2002) pairs up with an ages Elvis with a guy who thinks hes JFK to fight an evil mummy. Bruce Campbell, who played Elvis, told Empire magazine that once the make up was on, it was easy to play The King - You just wander around and mumble!

If you wanna read or even post your Elvis sightings to the world go here: It's rather a funny website and yes, I've posted there too!

In Buffy The Vampire Slayer ( TV show) Willow tells the world ' Hound Dog is an amazing song. Elvis, wow, what a man!' She is a huge Elvis fan!

William Hill is offering odds of 1000-1 that Elvis will be found alive in 2005!



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